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Lilly Russner


Lilly has an abundant passion for learning ‘How To Live Your Best Life’. She surrounds herself with talented people; which inspired her love for instruments and music production at a very young age. Her love of atmospheric and influential sound expanded as she explored and connected with like-minded creatives to achieve projects, leading her to become a powerhouse DJ in the Toronto music community. 

She is just as passionate in real estate; her business is her mission and a movement. Growing up in such a diverse city like Toronto, Lilly has developed an eclectic taste and love for unique culture. Flipping and renovating properties is one of the joys of her new real estate career, and she loves working with her hands. Her upbringing in Brazil with a family of carpenters, helps her vision and inspiration to naturally flow through her.  

Her objective is to connect with like-minded investors to create unique designs, offering clients a new, exciting living experience and lifestyle. Since she began her journey in real estate in 2020, she’s been eager to bring to life people’s desires and visions into a perfect home sweet home. 

Lilly speaks fluent Portuguese; in her free time, she loves reading books, traveling, singing, DJing, playing sports, as well as connecting with people, animals and nature. She truly values new positive experiences!  

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