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August Allegory

Here at Exp Ossington Office, we’ve dedicated our summer to highlighting and supporting sustainability in all things related to Real Estate. In building, renting, renovating, gardening inside and outside the home, energy sources, upgrades, and more. With the current state of our planet, we feel it’s important to look at these things as not just interesting topics, but a necessary study for a chance at a healthy abundant future here on earth. These topics are so important to us that we’ve decided to extend our reach into these areas longer than our originally planned sustainable summer. Essentially, this will be an ongoing focus for our team for the foreseeable future! We not only want to learn about these things for ourselves, we aim to be well-known for our expertise in these areas and for sharing that knowledge with our clients, customers and prospects. Onward and upward to a better future for all!

-EXP Ossington Team


Market Snapshot - July 2021


Green Series with TABC

EXP Ossington is excited to announce a series of interviews with Mr. Daniel Hall.

Daniel comes from a diverse background of design, carpentry, and green technology.

His resume touts the following; OAA, B.Arch, M.R.A.I.C., LEED AP. President & Director of Design atThe Architect Builders Collab. Plus, his experience makes him an all-around expert on green design and low carbon builds. Here’s a little about TABC;

The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc was created in 2009 with a vision to fight climate change through transforming our built environment with creative design. We believe that our homes and workplaces should be healthy, comfortable, efficient, and above all beautiful spaces to be in. Making, maintaining, and using our buildings should be a pleasure, and a benefit to both the people in our lives and the planet we all share.

We respond to our Clients needs and wishes with designs that respect the location, orientation, natural and cultural features of the site. Applying our creative design and experience to your project, we strive to build no more than what you need. Our Clients usually find that they can actually build less, but thus afford better quality as a result of our design work.

We take great care to create beautiful, healthy indoor environments. We avoid known toxic materials and will always recommend the environmentally preferable solution. When there are cost implications to our choices, we will be clear about your options and offer alternatives to suit your budget. Ultimately, we believe that great design should be green design and there is no need to choose between them.

The Manager, and Senior Real Estate Agent of EXP Ossington, Carl Laudan, took some time to interview Daniel about the past, present and future of green building in Ontario. Look out for snippets on our instagram - @expossington - and more, with this green leader in the future!



Here are some Tips in Reducing your Footprint:

  1. Swap out your shower water head for something more efficient. Ask your landlord first, but this is a great way to reduce your water usage. Learn More

  2. Lighting! Change out light bulbs to LED and use lamps instead of overhead lighting. Learn More

  3. Recycling is key. Take your time to figure out what materials can be recycled in your area and create a system at home for it. Learn More

  4. Buy second hand. Consider sprucing up your place with new/old pieces from online markets or great vintage spots around the city. Learn More

  5. If you control the thermostat in your unit, be conservative with your energy use! It also helps you acclimate to the outdoor temps each season. Learn More


Book Lovers Day

August 9th was Book Lovers Day, and well, we love books, especially ones that are informative! We have a few of our favourite on sustainability that you might want to check out!

1. The Green Indoors by Maddle & Alice Bailey 2. The Climate Diet: 50 Simple ways to trim your carbon footprint by Paul Greenberg 3. The Sustainable City by Steven Cohen

We've also rounded up a few local bookstores we love, to help you find or order these books:

Book City TO located at 348 Danforth Ave, 1430 Yonge Street

or 1950 Queen Street East

Ben McNally Books located at 400 King Street East

Type Books located at 883 Queen Street West or 427 Spadina Road

A Different Booklist located at 779 Bathurst Street


Carl's Traffic Report

Six Offers in August?

Usually August is the slowest month of the year for real estate in Toronto and the GTA. This time around I’m still seeing multiple offers. In fact just last night some clients called out of the blue about a property that was taking offers. In fact, the sellers were taking offers literally at the same time as my clients reached out to me.

I hopped in the car, picked them up, negotiated a quick showing of the home even thought the listing agent and the sellers were actually in the house reviewing some of the six offers that were registered!

Given only a few minutes to review the value of the property, I could support a value for it that was already above what my buyers were thinking. We would have been the seventh offer, but after listening very carefully to the communications coming from the listing agent I knew it would be pointless. The upper offers for the property were already higher than my buyers wanted to go. So we left it at that. But suffice it to say that I was surprised that the value of the home was outstripping my expectations.

Looking ahead: I’m busy prepping various incredible listings for the market that will be dropping the first week of September. We’re excited by them and look forward to the reaction from the market and our buyers.

With August still competitive I’m feeling positive for the fall market. Certainly, this year is proving that homes in Toronto and throughout Ontario have become more sought after than ever. Stay safe out there!

-Carl Laudan, REALTOR®, EXP Ossington Office Manager


50 Million Tree Program

Forests Ontario (originally created by the 25th Legislature of the Province of Ontario via Bill 10, the Professional Foresters Association Act on April 3, 1957) and the Ontario Professional Foresters Association (born from a 2014 merger between Trees Ontario and the Ontario Forestry Association) are, and have been working diligently for decades to grow, protect, and regulate our forests and the people who serve them.

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience a surprisingly little known resource in Ontario - Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, which is “a tree planting program supported by the Government of Canada, corporate sponsors and donors. It increases forest cover by making tree planting easier and more affordable for property owners and municipalities. Property owners have worked with them to increase the value of their land, improve the quality of their soil, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, improve the health of their local environment, and leave a lasting legacy.” says Forests Ontario’s website.

The program provides landowners with financial support to offset the costs of planting trees on their property. Forests Ontario’s partners carry out site assessments with local stewardship organizations, select appropriate tree species, acquire local seedlings to be planted, manage vegetation and coordinate planting, therefore significantly minimizing landowner cost and effort.

The program has several guidelines, for example, a minimum of 2 acres, and requiring that landowners commit to protecting the trees for 10 years. Tree species selected are either native to the area, or, are one of a very few non-native species that are known to be non-invasive and are allowed as exceptions. Nursery stock is produced from locally adapted and source identified seed, and a seed “chain of custody” is maintained so that future managers can track the seed origin of new developing forests.

In our experience, it was a very easy program to navigate and execute; though doing this through Covid-19 made the process longer than it would have been at any normal time. In the end, this past spring we were able to have over 900 white pine planted over about 5 of our 11 acres, specifically situated to block out the local road noise, help support existing old growth with new root systems, and create a windbreak to assist with slowing land erosion. Our property was once part of a golf course, so our goal has been re-wilding since day one. Little did we know that Forests Ontario would be a huge support in our land, not only becoming stronger and more beautiful, but also much healthier underground, and enhancing the entire ecosystem above! If you have any questions, reach out to Forests Ontario via the above links. They’re happy to help, and to talk to anyone who wants to encourage the health of our forests.

-Kiki van Duin


How Toronto Stacks Up

The Sustainable Cities Index compares cities around the world on 3 pillars of sustainability: People, Planet, and Profit. The People sub-index addresses UN SDGs dealing with poverty, health and well-being, education and reduced inequalities. This measures, social sustainability and quality of life in the present and prospects for improvement for future generations. The Planet sub-index addresses UN SDGs for clean water and sanitation, clean energy and climate action. This measures the sustainable elements of green space, pollution, and environmental mitigation such as support for low carbon transport. The Profit sub-index addresses UN SDGs including economic growth, innovation and infrastructure. This measures a city's economic health.

In 2015, Toronto ranked 12th out of 50 on the first Sustainable Cities Index conducted by Arcadis. In 2018, Toronto was ranked 30th out of 100 in the overall sustainability Index and 14th out of 100 in the Planet sub-index. Toronto citizens experience a good quality of life, but there is definitely room to improve.


Work with Us

Who are we? We're a tight-knit, high-producing, professional Real Estate team. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their real estate and future-planning goals by empowering them with team-oriented work, sharing of knowledge, and building on our collective successes. We work hard, we set high goals and standards, and we play hard!


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