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Farm Fresh April

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

As Toronto settles into a new lockdown this spring, we want to help you feel better about making great choices in these troubling times, while supporting the lifeblood of our province, farmers! We’ve partnered with The Market at 100 km Foods to bring you local, equitable, Ontario farm fresh foods, delivered straight to your door. They’re dedicated to reconnecting people with great, fresh food as well as helping to create a strong and viable local food economy for Ontarians! Subscribe to our newsletter for $25 off your first delivery, plus you’ll get all the latest Real Estate stats and some helpful tips for buying, selling, investing and more in your inbox mid-month. Hope to connect with you soon!

-EXP Ossington Team


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Who are we? We’re a tight-knit, high-producing, professional Real Estate team. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their real estate and future-planning goals by empowering them with team-oriented work, sharing of knowledge, and building on our collective successes. We work hard, we set high goals and standards, and we play hard!


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Tips and Tricks for Moving

Moving can be a harrowing experience; to dredge up all your forgotten items, take a rip through memory lane, and come face to face with the weight of your past - isn’t always an enjoyable experience!

We’ve rounded up some quick tips to keep you sane and prepared for your big, or small move:


Take time off. It takes time and energy to pack, move, and unpack. Allowing yourself time for reorganizing your items and putting things away can help give you clarity of mind, rather than living in chaos.


Pack a weekend bag. Clean clothes, toiletries, vitamins, and any other necessities should be on hand so you’re not digging through boxes for a pair of undies mid-move.


Pack one box of keepsakes, valuables, or other delicate items and keep that box close at hand. Knowing where those precious things are can help keep you calm and focused.


Get rid of things that you don’t want to move - be heavy-handed with your stuff, and you’ll feel the freedom when it’s time to settle in.


Start packing items you rarely use early. If you know you use something only once a month, why not pack it right after that use? Move to books and decor, then out-of-season items and clothing, then less used kitchen items, and move to toiletries, office, and most used kitchen items last.


Label like your life depends on it! Organizing boxes per room (or use) and clearly labeling them accordingly will be a godsend when it comes to moving in and unpacking.


As soon as you move in, plan your storage! Do you have a cupboard that is only 10 inches wide but two feet deep? Find some clear, stackable storage containers so you can easily see what’s hiding in the back when you need it. What area of the kitchen is for cooking, baking, making cocktails? Store your items near that area for ease of use.


Give yourself time to settle in, it doesn’t have to be done right away! Try to chip away at a few things a day to give yourself awareness of your new space. Soak it up and try to enjoy the new life you’ve given yourself.




115 Walnut Avenue, Niagara, Toronto


2 Bedroom | 3 Bathroom

The perfect residence, bat cave/business home and income property rolled into one, right on the park across from lower Stanley Park’s pool and tennis courts. 50 meters to the King streetcar stop that takes you straight into the heart of the Financial District of Toronto in minutes, and walking distance to great restaurants, bars, shops and green spaces that go from your front door all the way to the lakeside through our Fort York historical lands, replete with fine finishes, luxury bathrooms, sought-after parking and your very own loading dock; there’s simply nothing like this out there.

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