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February: Looking into the Future

As our world opens up to a life reimagined, we're constantly thinking about the ways in which the future can be bigger and brighter, while keeping in mind that small and simple can also fit into that mold. Embracing your space is something we love to discuss around the Brokerage; seeing the good in what you can afford, using space saving designs to make it work for your life, and taking the time to create an environment that you can grow into. These are all important things to keep in mind in a costly housing market, as well as anyone considering a co-living purchase or lease with friends or family. There are so many options if you're willing to think outside the box of the typical single-family turn-key home! Using your imagination to create a space is just as important as knowing what you like, and what you need in your home. We love looking at alternative living in all its forms, and have resources to help visualize and cost out options. If you're interested in hearing more, drop by the office or call us anytime!

-EXP Ossington Team


Market Snapshot - January 2022


Resources for Building Small Living

Living in a tiny home can take many forms. Whether you want to have a little cabin in the woods, a small house in the centre of the city, or you are living in a small apartment and really want to make it your own. There are different ways to make your small living dreams come true. If you are very handy and want to build your own home from a kit, several companies like Bunkie Life, have cabin kits for purchase. If custom tiny houses are what you are looking for then getting a custom build (in the city or in the country), by a company like Acorn Tiny Homes based in the Toronto area. They sell custom portable or tiny homes that could make your dreams come true. Alternatively, if you want to maximize your small apartment getting furniture like build-ins or pieces that are designed specifically for small living. Either way its important to evaluate what is important to you and where you want to live.


Love your Tiny Home


Co-living Styles

Co-living is the way of the future for all kinds of people, and in many places! There are countless ways people have lived this way throughout history, or do currently, and with a world growing in population its being rediscovered and reimagined. This is a great option for affordability, convenience, or need depending on your lifestyle and family unit.

Check out just a few examples of co-living lifestyles:

  • Multi-family home ownership - could be multi-generational or friends purchasing together

  • Multi-home land ownership - each family unit has their own home, but shares the land purchase

  • Single-home co-living - sharing a large home with multiple family units

  • RV/Van life - sharing a temporary rental space with other nomadic people in a mobile home of any kind

  • True communal living - sharing a home, farm, or compound with multiple people and families where main spaces (and sometimes chores) are shared

  • Classic shared rental or home - having roomies; whether they are your family, friends, or a group of strangers in a home rented or owned by an internal or external person

  • Dorm style - has private rooms, but the main spaces have been built for many people to use (stalled washrooms, multiple kitchens, etc.)

  • and MANY many more


Dr. Tina On Our Mind

Special Place Of Tranquility

As we have been making our way through the pandemic, many of us have realized - if not craved – the need for a ‘SPOT’ at home. SPOT stands for a special place of tranquility and this may mean meditation or yoga for you, but doesn’t have to! It is meant to be a place you can go to for a few moments to get a break from the world, to recharge, re-center and ground yourself. It could even be a beautiful entryway table with a vase of gorgeous flowers or branches which gives you the spark of joy, ease, or calm every time you glance that way.

Here are a few ideas to help you create your own SPOT at home:

Serene Space

Find a space or corner that naturally feels calm and serene to you. You will notice that different areas in your home naturally carry different energies. Select an area that you feel naturally drawn to. The area need not be an entire room; it can simply be a cosy corner.


Keep the space simple and uncluttered. You don’t want to fill it up with more stuff that you need to take care of and maintain. In fact, it could be an empty corner with just a chair or stool or a cushion on the floor. At the same time, it feels comfortable, soothing and inviting to you.


Bring nature into the space by adding a plant or even a vase with branches. You may have collected seashells, or stones from a special trip to the beach. Adding an earth element will help to ground you. You may or may not wish to add a small fountain to introduce the element of water.

Light and Airy

Make sure there is sufficient light and movement of air within the space. Natural light is ideal, but a softly lit lamp can do the trick.


Incorporating incense or a beeswax candle can be helpful to create a soothing environment. Make sure the fragrance from the candle is not overpowering; beeswax is always a good choice as it smells natural. If incense is too overpowering, skip it!

-Dr. Tina Chadda, Realtor


Where are All the Tiny Homes

Tiny living is a lifestyle that can happen in so many different ways. You can by property to build on in the middle of nowhere or in a city as a laneway house. Quebec was the first province to legally allow tiny homes, but its quickly catching on as it becomes more popular. In Ontario you can build a tiny home if it is on the grid and built on permanent foundation. You can have a home downtown, in the forest, on the move or parked somewhere until you move.


Make your Small Space Feel Larger

Do you live in a tiny space, but want it to feel less tiny? Here are some tips and tricks for making the most of your small space!

  • Add a mirror: This trick is well known but should be mentioned because of really does work! Mirrors help to retract sunlight, letting it bounce around the room. They also help to provide depth and give the impression of more space simply through reflection.

  • Paint colours: Choose a light paint colour to help reflect natural light, instead of a dark colour which absorbs the light.

  • Furniture choice: While you might think a small space needs small furniture, a space will actually feel larger when choosing a few larger pieces. Choose simple colours to avoid the feeling of clutter!


Carl's Corner Office

With the richest man in the world living in a one-bedroom modular home in the desert of Texas, the future of small living is looking interesting, to say the least. We’ve had so much interest from clients wanting to secure land for building modular homes over the last couple of years. The biggest hurdle is the backlog. Suppliers in Ontario and Québec are hardly taking any new orders they’re so far behind. And the pandemic messing up supply chains is making it all the more difficult. The demand will finally be met. Setting up more factories and securing raw material supply chains takes time.

But this is where my head goes when talking about small living in the future. Condos in cities are one way to live small, and another option is living more communally. But it’s still quite expensive in the city, and I see no reason why these options would suddenly become inexpensive.

Since the pandemic, people have rediscovered nature. Between being alone in a small apartment or condo and being in nature during this odd time; nature is calling - so to speak. I’m fascinated by solar technology and self-reliance. If there’s anything on the horizon that gets me excited about smaller living, it’s the possibility of complete self-reliance in nature, while still having the amenities and luxury of modern technology. That’s why I’ve put together a team with special talents towards that goal. We have all the specialties needed to make this future-of-freedom a reality and set you up. We have you covered from securing the land and choosing the modules; to ordering and preparing the site’s foundation. Literally.

Sincerely, Carl

-Carl Laudan, REALTOR®, EXP Ossington Office Manager


Are Tiny Homes and Small Living Just a Fad?

Unlike some countries, in Canada tiny homes are legal and there has been a major surge in the movement since the pandemic. There is a desire for people to live within their means and seek affordable options, and tiny homes are one of them! This option doesn’t just apply to living but also including a small backyard abode to work from. A major benefit for people is that they are completely customizable to suit the client and this is a major draw. They give people a chance to downsize without necessarily down-grading. However, there is still a long way to go with city builders and policy makers. There is a misconception that living in a tiny home means living off the grid but that isn’t necessarily true. The future of these small dwellings means integrating them within the fabric of the city in interesting ways and providing the chance to fill a crucial housing gap.


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Who are we? We're a tight-knit, high-producing, professional Real Estate team. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their real estate and future-planning goals by empowering them with team-oriented work, sharing of knowledge, and building on our collective successes. We work hard, we set high goals and standards, and we play hard!


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