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January: New Year, New Vibe

A New Year is Upon Us!

Welcome to 2022, a New Year and a brand new outlook on life like never before. We now know that life can throw us a new curveball more often than expected, and that it can affect everyone in one way or another. This year, we’re looking forward to embracing life in ways that will help us thrive within the confines of our little place in the world.

For January and February we’re digging into Small Living in all ways. From choosing to live tiny for eco reasons or financial limitations, choosing minimalism or co-op living, to the reality for many of living in small spaces in a city. We want to show you that even within chosen, or circumstantial small spaces you can live a full life using your space to its fullest potential! We all have the potential to survive and thrive with less footprint on our planet in so many ways. Why not take it to the next level and grow our well being, mental health, and future from these little places! In this newsletter, as well as next month’s and in all of our social media; you’ll hear from a number of thriving angles to inspire and educate you on loving a small existence.

-EXP Ossington Team


Market Snapshot - December 2021


Quality of Life in Big Cities

Living in a tiny home means really taking advantage of the space around you, including the city you live in. There is a quality of life which is appreciated when living in a large city which only grows when your home is tiny. The city becomes an extension of your home. For example, the parks become your living room, making space to meet friends where there wouldn’t be enough if living in a tiny home. Due to savings which inevitably happen when living small means being able to enjoy restaurants and movie nights out.


Multi-Tasking Furniture

When you want to live in a tight space it's important to be smart about the furniture and decor you put into it. There are many ways for things like tables, seating areas or storage to have multiple uses. Do your rooms have different identities depending on the time or situation? Here are a few ideas to inspire you to look at your space in a fresh way.


Dr. Tina On Our Mind

As we enter the third year of the global pandemic, there's an emphasis on creating emotional comfort at home. Research shows that our home has an impact on our mood, health and well-being. We have always sought to create comfort at home, but recently because we've been spending much more time at home, we have become intentional about cultivating calm in our spaces. We are paying purposeful attention to creating environments that support all the tasks and activities that we must accomplish over the course of day – we are much more mindful about just how nurturing home can be. We have been working, living, socializing and resting at home and we are more aware of what is needed from our environment. We have been busy creating and modifying living spaces so that we can conduct our entire lives from home!

After the need for basic shelter, we seek calm and comfort, peace, beauty and joy in our surroundings, not to mention functionality. This means different things to different people. For one person, a media room by night can become a home office during the day. For others, spaces that provide certain functions must be delineated. With respect to colour, some prefer a soothing palette inspired by nature while others prefer some stimulation through the use of colour blocking or vibrant textile. Interiors run the gamut, from minimalism to maximalism.

Let me paint a picture for you; at a condo-home I recently visited in Mumbai, a beautiful entryway adorned with a fountain and flowers established a welcoming tone. The balcony off the kitchen and living room was opened up with seating to provide more space for their extended family to spread out. A small garden with potted plants and hanging style globe lighting was effective in enhancing the warm ambience. In another example; in Montreal, on a recent visit my son asked me to help him purchase plants that would make his apartment feel more like home and bring in nature and some lushness to an otherwise austere space.

Top interior designers predict that this trend to bring nature into our homes will continue. This can be accomplished by the use of nature-inspired surfaces, objects, textiles, and the use of neutral shades. Other predictions for trends we will be embracing this year include the following: multifunctional spaces, tactile textures, leather furniture, high tech homes, functional decorative objects, vintage items, more colour and pattern, as well as high quality outdoor furniture.

Essentially, the creation of a smaller, better, calmer, and more natural space.

-Dr. Tina Chadda, Realtor


Van Living

Tiny living doesn’t always mean being stationary, and now with #wfh life, there's a new possibility of taking your home on the road! 🚐

Living in a van is 'having a moment' right now; but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something to consider. Even if it’s for a fun, short getaway with friends, family, or just you and rover 🐶

Here are some tips to help get this adventure started:

1. No expectations! It won't always be beautiful jnstagrammable moments, make sure to consider where you are parking, and where you will need to stop for breaks.

2. Try test driving this life first! Rent a camper van for a while and see if this is something really doable before jumping in.

3. Stay organized! Living small is one thing, but living small on the road is a whole new ballgame! Everything must have a place, and keeping things tidy will help with the experience.


Carl's Corner Office

Snow days are awesome! It’s a snoozy-super-snow-day in Toronto and I’m ensconced on the couch writing up this report wearing my thick winter socks and half-hiding in an enormous sweater. Whenever the weather’s like this I feel like I’m in the Narnia books. Love it.

No matter the size of the house, a lot of what matters is how comfortable your couch is. Earlier today like many housebound Ontarians, I was dealing with the snow, all two feet of it. Another Snowmageddon!

But this year I was ready. I hurt my back a bit in the summer. So once I could, I researched and bought a plug-in snow blower/thrower. Kate laughed and laughed. It was the middle of August. “There’s the Right Way to do something, and then there’s every other way” [Robin Wilcock as Lucifer to the Archangel Michael in the film “The Big Thing” a short film]

And that certainly holds true for clearing snow.

Which brings me to my point: don’t save $5 merely to set yourself up for spending $500 fixing that cheap $5 mistake. Do it right. The first time. If you’re thinking about making a real estate move call us first. We’ll make sure you don’t cut the wrong corners and we’ll get it right the first time saving you lots of money, time, and maybe even your back.

🍹 Newsletter Drink Recipe break!

13 years ago I was driving us here from Montréal where my wife and I met, and it was Snowmageddon the OG. We had to come off the 401 in Brockville in the thick of the blizzard, and stayed at a Motel kind enough to ignore the fact we had a Weiner dog. It had been a harrowing drive and I hunted down the only booze I could find in the trailer: a bottle of Cachaça. Not knowing what to mix it with I tried everything possible from the vending machine. It turns out 1.5oz of Cachaça on ice with the balance of ginger-ale was the best of them. The drink has a name already, but we didn’t know that so we just called it “The Brockville Blaster!”.

Sincerely, Carl

-Carl Laudan, REALTOR®, EXP Ossington Office Manager


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