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October Ovation

We’re deep in the heart of the coziest season; warm colours and scents surround us, and cool evenings call for snuggly sweaters. As Ontarians we know all too well what comes next, hibernation season! Now is the perfect time to prepare your home and your habits to have a happy, healthy winter season.

Start with your heating system; change air filters and ensure everything is clean and ready for a high performance season. Check for air leaks in and around your home; windows & doors, attic, and around your foundation - preserve that expensive heat, plus help create a more sustainable home. Declutter your closets and get those jackets & sweaters ready to wear, with dry cleaning or airing out ahead of the rush. A tip many people don’t know is to switch the direction of any ceiling fans to push that rising warm air back down, and ensure the most economical circulation throughout the home.

The autumn season is also an important time to adjust your habits and routine to prepare for upcoming time well spent indoors. Switch up your personal care products to those with deeper hydration to protect your skin from the cold. If you’re the vitamin supplements type, you’ll want to add vitamin D, C with Calcium, as well as Omegas or Vitamin E to help moisturize from the inside out! Digging into your indoor hobbies early will ease the transition, and help avoid the couch-potato-syndrome that can come from a sudden change in weather. Grab those books you’ve been meaning to pick up and keep them close at hand, start cutting the fabric for that quilt you hoped to dive into this winter, get your sourdough yeast started and join the bread making revolution, or sign up for a course and spend your free hours learning about your passions. Happy prepping for a prosperous winter season!

-EXP Ossington Team


Market Snapshot - September 2021


The Federal Government's Plan for Housing

Many of the affordability challenges we see today in major urban centres, like the GTA, Vancouver, and Montreal are fundamentally rooted in the fact that housing supply has not kept up with population growth. There has also been a lot of movement away from urban centres to smaller rural communities.

The Liberal Party federal government housing plan is focused on a three-part strategy, including:

  1. Protect your rights: Measures to establish and protect new rights to buyers, including banning “blind bidding.”

  2. Build more homes: A plan to build more homes to address supply constraints.

  3. Unlock homeownership: Commitments for new government funding to support homeownership.


Liberal Government Bid Bye Bye to Blind Bidding

The recently re-elected liberal government has promised to implement an end to blind bidding in Real Estate, a decision that has met with much controversy. For those that don’t know, blind bidding is the process of submitting a bid without knowing what the other homebuyers are offering. This is one of the major pieces of their plan to increase housing affordability in Canada, which the Ontario Real Estate Association says may not actually help. This plan also opens the market to a potential for home auctions which can inflate housing prices in the frenzy of bids. For now, we’ll just have to watch and see what pans out in the short and long term.


Autumn Walks

There is nothing like a walk in the autumn with the colour of the leaves and the fresh air breeze. To help you get out of the house before winter arrives, we have rounded up some of our favourite places for a nice autumn walk.

  1. Rouge Park is filled with hiking trails, educational programming including learn-to-camp and learn-to-hike. Human history of the park dates back over 10,000 years and has inspired painters such as F.H Varley from the Group of Seven with its natural beauty.

  2. Scarborough Bluffs spans 15 km and includes 11 parks, all featuring incredible views of Lake Ontario.

  3. Humber Valley Heritage Trail is a 21.4 km back trail near Caledon. A day-hike surrounded by trees will make you feel like you have escaped the rush of the city!

  4. Head east to Glen Stewart Ravine and experience an 1.3 km stretch of picturesque views.

  5. The Don Valley is considered Toronto’s largest urban park and is completely accessible to city dwellers, spanning from Pottery Road to Corktown Common.


Carl's Corner Office

Spooky Real Estate Stories

Buyers can lose in multiple offers. Sellers can get anxious if their house doesn’t sell on offer night. Lawyers can get hung-up on a tiny mistake in an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. A brokerage’s compliance officer can spot an archaic problem with a FINTRAC form. A wire transfer can take a longtime to clear a deposit—longer than anyone involved wants it to take.

There are so many things that can go ‘wrong’ in a real estate transaction. But as terrifying andsometimes merely irritating as it can be, please remember: it’s just a house. But is it a haunted house?

Tell me your worst real estate nightmares come true at: and I’ll publish the best in a special edition of our blog here just prior to Halloween. The writers of featured stories will win a prize!

-Carl Laudan, REALTOR®, EXP Ossington Office Manager


Vacant Home Tax - Coming 2023

You may have missed it, but over the summer the city council of Toronto passed an approval for the development of a Vacant Home Tax. This tax will be applied to any home vacant for more than six months of the previous tax year. There are also exemptions and audits applicable.

Here’s how it works:

  • All property owners will be required to self-declare the status of their residential home(s) each year. This will determine the home’s occupancy status and whether the vacant home tax is payable. Nothing further is required of property owners living in their own homes.

  • If a property owner declares their home(s) vacant, they will be required to pay a tax at one percent of their home’s Current Assessed Value (CVA).

  • The tax is based on the property status from the year before – meaning if the home is vacant in 2022, the tax will become payable in 2023.

Interested in learning more about the Vacant Home Tax? Check this out!

If you want to have your say, take this survey! (Deadline Oct 25th 9am!)


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