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September Sentiment

Heading into Autumn is always a nostalgic time; season change, adjusting your routine, and moving to a new circadian rhythm are all part and parcel. Within this, consumer behaviours also adapt to new needs of seasonal change.

One of the most exciting changes in recent times is the move toward sustainability as a preference for many consumers. A recent study by Deloitte shows that;

People of all ages are adopting more sustainable consumer behaviours. But generational analysis shows marked variations in the level of engagement between different age groups — and not always in ways you might expect. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s Gen Z who are least engaged in environmental issues, in contrast with Younger Millennials who are the most engaged. Yet conversely, supporting ethical brands matters more to Gen Z. Older Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers — covering the full strata of population from 31 to 74 — are all similarly engaged with sustainability issues, whilst Pre-Boomers are least engaged of all. That said, cutting down on single-use plastics is generally a high priority for older consumers who are also keen adopters of renewables. And whether for environmental reasons or not, at 26%, Pre-Boomers are most likely to be reducing their air travel.”

This is further illustrated on the graphs below.

Deloitte. (2020, July 16). Shifting sands: How consumer behaviour is embracing sustainability. Deloitte. Retrieved September 13, 2021, from

This move toward a more sustainable future, especially the push in the younger generation is a greatstart, but there’s still a long way to go. With the pending election in Canada, keep an eye on the environmental plans of your preferred candidate, and hold them accountable for following through on their promises. We’re all responsible for creating a better future, and mitigating human related climate change. The Paris Agreement is a great example of how the world leaders are coming together to do this, andCanada is one of the nations that has agreed to get to Net Zero emissions by 2050. Even if we won’t see the results of this work in our generation, the future generations of the world will thank us! Cheers to a unified future.

-EXP Ossington Team


Market Snapshot - August 2021


What to Expect for Your Starter Home

  • Don’t let emotional factors supersede practical considerations when choosing a home, think about what your future buyer may want when you’re ready to sell, not the yard you want for your grandchildren.

  • Choose a home you can afford, so you can remain in it for at least the three to five years it may take to recoup your costs, and see a return on your investment.

  • Try to take into consideration both your current lifestyle and your future plans. Will you have kids here, will you have available work while you live here, etc.

  • Make sure the home has been maintained (good bones) and that it has resale value. This includes the location, neighbourhood, and future development plans nearby.

  • Sweat Equity is a real thing! If you’re handy, it will help you save money doing small repairs/fixes and possibly add value to your home! If you’re not handy, do not attempt.

  • Make value-increasing improvements - windows, roof, HVAC, insulation, and eco choices top the list here.


Safe Gatherings

Moving into the fall it is going to become very important to think about how to have safe gatherings. As it starts to get chilly we will be moving indoors, which can be unsafe with COVID-19. It is important to think about the risks of different settings and types of get togethers. It is also important to make smart choice based on the situations of you and your community.

Below are some of the things you can think about when planning a private gathering:

  • Consider hosting your event virtually if possible. Its super safe!

  • Venue: If you’re going to host an in-person gathering try having it outside or be clear about the safety measures expected. For example, masks, hand sanitizer, and physical distancing. As the host its important that you make hand sanitizer or hand washing available, good layout with spacing, and good ventilation.

  • Guest Health: If someone gets sick after your event inform all the guests so they can get tested. A good way to keep track is have a sign in sheet. Another good idea is asking guests to do a self assessment before coming.

  • Hygiene: Its super important to frequently clean surfaces that are commonly touched. Limit the amount of people who have contact with any food served.

  • Planning for guests that develop symptoms at your event is crucial as well. Plan where you would isolate someone you need to and after they leave how you will disinfect.

Remember to check your local restrictions and public health news! Stay safe!


Decorate with No Waste

Fall is in the air and with fall comes cozy times at home and the opportunity to add some new decor. This year might be a great time to start thinking about how to decorate without creating waste! 1. Pumpkins!!! Use gourds, squash and pumpkins to add natural colour. They last a long time and are edible! You can rotate them throughout the season with your cooking. 2. Forage twigs, branches, acorns and pine cones to make a display. Tie them up to make a wall hanging or place an assortment in a bowl to add colour to your table. 3. Second hand shopping is the best for finding unique items! Search through local vintage shops and thrift stores to add treasures to your fall decor. You never know what you might find! Here is a list of some to check out:

Passion for the Past Antiques & Collectibles

1646 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1B2

Mrs. Huizenga

28 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2K3

Blackbird Vintage

11 Trinity St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

Value Village

Multiple Locations


Carl's Corner Office

Being a Realtor® has never been more exciting. Instead of getting stuck running from condo to condo downtown, our agents have been seeking out properties far and wide for our clients. Never have I had to drive 7 hours in a day to conduct showings until now. And, although that sounds like an awful way to spend so much time especially on a long weekend, it’s actually quite liberating. Having not had the opportunity to take a ‘vacation’ or even to go on a long car trip, it’s great to see the countryside again. Going from small town to an off-the-map cottage, to having a meal with clients (friends) at a restaurant on their patio with views of moving water, a clear and clean sky; few things are more invigorating.

Even with small obstacles and inflexible banks trying to limit our choices, freedom sneaks past the gatekeepers.

-Carl Laudan, REALTOR®, EXP Ossington Office Manager


Back to School!

Here are some ideas for how you can maximize your small space to have the room to focus on studying!

  1. Paint it white! Having a lighter, clean and brighter base will allow furniture to stand out and help to remove visual clutter.

  2. Dual purpose pieces - Choose furniture that serves more than one purpose, like a coffee table or stool with combined storage.

  3. Create two spaces in one with a daybed! Double sizes are available and will allow a place for you to sleep and for your guests to sit.

  4. Mirror mirror on the wall! Adding reflection, helps to add depth of space and also is a functional decorative addition to any room.

  5. Look way up and consider shelving storage above doors and along your ceiling. This area is a great place to store all of your precious reading material!


Work with Us

Who are we? We're a tight-knit, high-producing, professional Real Estate team. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their real estate and future-planning goals by empowering them with team-oriented work, sharing of knowledge, and building on our collective successes. We work hard, we set high goals and standards, and we play hard!


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