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The Joy of July

We’re in the midst of a full reopening in Ontario, and it’s a surreal feeling! We spent so long in a haze of uncertainty, insecurity, loss, and isolation. Now, we’re finally able to reintegrate with the world, and enjoy our friends and family again! Self-reflection was a theme for much of the time spent away from those we love - so what did you learn about yourself? I’m happy where I am, I have a lot of growing to do, or, what I needed was right in front of me all along? The pandemic was a chance to slow down and ask the tough questions, to create better habits, and learn new hobbies! Career retraining happened for many, and a work-from-home environment gave us a new, unexpected freedom; to live where we want while we push to reach our goals and aspirations. A larger social awareness came from this time as well, a need for more acceptance, and a better environmental future for the next generation.

Investing in our futures is about more than money, it’s about creating choice! Using what you have now to create health and wealth later, isn’t as scary or difficult as it may seem when you have someone knowledgeable on your side. We can help you if you’re in a place that doesn’t match your goals, fiscally, environmentally, or if you need to add a pottery studio into your space permanently! Call us, and we’ll talk about how to grow your future in a sustainable way. Happy reopening of our hearts and minds Ontario!

-EXP Ossington Team


Market Snapshot - June 2021


LEED Certification

Photo credit:@shaigilfoto

What is LEED you ask? It stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a globally recognized rating system of sustainability achievement and leadership. LEED acts as a guide for best practice in making decisions towards a building green. Such decisions for consideration include: energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality, material section and the building's effects on its site.

Q: How does a project become LEED certified? A. Projects must be compliant with all mandatory prerequisites, as well as a number of optional credits to pursue. Q: Who provides this certification? The Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), provide a technical review and verification of LEED-registered projects. Featured here is Canada’s first Active House, designed for Great Gulf by Toronto’s very own superkül Architecture - this project achieved LEED Silver certification and set new sustainability standards for residential development in Canada.


Energy Rebate

Energy Saving Rebate programs and other initiatives make energy efficient living more accessible to Ontarians. These are a few that are available this year in Ontario:

  1. Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate (HER) : This initiative from Enbridge Gas makes energy-efficient products, like qualified doors, windows, skylights, home insulation, energy-efficient boilers, and furnaces, more accessible to homeowners in Ontario. Those eligible may receive up to $5000 in rebates.

  2. Enbridge Home Winterproofing Program: This program is a free insulation, draft proofing, smart thermostat program for renters and owners living in York Region, Durham Region, and the Greater Peterborough area.

  3. Home Energy Loan Program (HELP): This is a program offered by the City of Toronto that brings Ontarian homeowners closer to energy efficient products and practices. It can provide up to 5% of your property value to use for home improvements that can reduce your monthly utility bills and reduce your negative impact on the environment from energy use.

  4. Canada Greener Homes Grants program: This program from the Federal Government of Canada is a national rebate program that will pay Canadians up to $5,000 for home renovations and upgrades that increase energy efficiency in 2021. If you qualify, you can get up to 25% of your mortgage loan insurance as a refund for energy-efficient practices like home insulation.


Toronto Programs and Mandates for Rooftop Gardens

Did you know that the city of Toronto has an incentive program for incorporating Eco-Roofs?

What is an eco-roof you ask? It includes a Green Roof and a Cool Roof and can be added to any type of roof, with the proper application process.

A Green Roof is also known as a living roof and supports the growth of vegetation. Cool Roofs, on the other hand, are exterior surfaces that reflect the sun and reduces heat build up. Eco-roofs are a huge benefit to the city! They not only beautify our city, but they help to save energy, reduce urban heat, improve air quality and capture stormwater.


Carl's Traffic Report

Fiduciary Duties Go Both Ways

In the day-to-day of real estate representation occasionally we are offered work by seemingly honest buyers and sellers. But sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way. As you can imagine it’s difficult to serve the interests of someone who lies to the very people who have been hired to protect them.

One obligation of our sellers is to refer inquires about their property to us to handle rather than negotiating directly with a potential buyer that comes to them instead. Sellers who are not told of this obligation might be surprised, but it’s virtually impossible to do our best on behalf of our seller client if we don’t know what’s going on behind our backs. By the contract the brokerage is owed brokerage fees regardless, so we should be given the opportunity to do our jobs properly if we are working for someone. Help us help you, in effect.

When we represent the interests of our clients we owe fiduciary duties to them. These are the crucial duties that one person can have to another. It’s serious business. You may have heard this before. One thing you may *not* have heard is that fiduciary duties go both ways. That’s right. It’s legally implied in common law, but also it’s built into the language of the representation contracts we both sign. It spells out both the duties we have to our clients, and the duties and behaviour our clients owe to us.

Our clients are not to lie to us, to try to cheat us, to try to coerce us, or to otherwise treat us the way that they would not want to be treated themselves. If the client does this, then the contractual relationship is damaged beyond repair and it is impossible to continue serving the client as such. The relationship is very similar between legal representatives and their clients. In situations where trust is not complete, it may be possible to continue working for that person under a customer relationship instead where we owe duties of care, but not fiduciary duties. If you’d like to know the details of these types of duties and their differences get in touch and I can go through it with you.

Part of the reason why we work as a team of Realtors® at EXP Ossington is to help each other avoid working in toxic environments. Our thinking is: if we only work with those from whom we’ve earned trust and vice versa, then it will reduce our exposure to bad actors and allow us to enjoy and love our work.

-Carl Laudan, REALTOR®, EXP Ossington Office Manager


Meet Tina Chadda

Tina actively cultivates and nurtures her relationships with her clients, and is dedicated to their success! She brings past experience in other business practices to her work to ensure her clients are able to assess and attain their goals. Tina has had a lifelong fascination with interior design, which she sees as a physical expression of how people live. She has built and renovated several properties in Toronto, which has given her invaluable experience working with architects, builders, designers, and tradespeople. Our home is usually our most significant financial asset and largest material investment; Tina understands this well, and aims to help clients recognize and maximize the potential in a property. All of her projects, both city and country, culminate in an environment of comfort and relaxed elegance.

Tina believes in living a life of wellness filled with beauty, style, grace, She expresses this through her numerous passions; including travel, literature, art, architecture, music, and food. In addition to her accomplishments in Real Estate, Tina is a mother, a trained physician, and author.


Work with Us

Who are we? We're a tight-knit, high-producing, professional Real Estate team. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their real estate and future-planning goals by empowering them with team-oriented work, sharing of knowledge, and building on our collective successes. We work hard, we set high goals and standards, and we play hard!


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111 Walnut Avenue, Niagara, Toronto

$2,799,000 | $8250/month + utilities

4 Bedrooms + Den | 4 Bathrooms

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