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Tina Chadda


Tina actively cultivates and nurtures her relationships with her clients, and is dedicated to their success! She brings past experience in other business practices to her work to ensure her clients are able to assess and attain their goals. Tina has had a lifelong fascination with interior design, which she sees as a physical expression of how people live. She has built and renovated several properties in Toronto, which has given her invaluable experience working with architects, builders, designers, and tradespeople. Our home is usually our most significant financial asset and largest material investment; Tina understands this well, and aims to help clients recognize and maximize the potential in a property. All of her projects, both city and country, culminate in an environment of comfort and relaxed elegance. 

Tina believes in living a life of wellness filled with beauty, style, grace, She expresses this through her numerous passions; including travel, literature, art, architecture, music, and food. In addition to her accomplishments in Real Estate, Tina is a mother, a trained physician, and author. 

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